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The Pubs of Ringwood.

Many a watering hole I have frequented across the world but in my opinion the best Public Houses are located in Ringwood, Hampshire. A sleepy little town nestled close to the New Forest. The only exception was my beloved "Cheers" of Longmont, but sadly that had to close it's doors in 2004.

The actual origins of Ringwood are unknown but from recently discovered documents it is believed that Ringwood has been at it's crook of the River Avon since at least 955AD. The original name of Ringwood was Rimicwude, which translates to Rim of the Forest (wood). Milling seemed to be the main occupation of the early Ringwood inhabitants as there is mention in the Doomsday book of 1086 that the town had a church and a mill (No Pubs ???). The town grew slowly until 1226 when King Henry III granted the rights to the Lord of the Manor to allow a market to take place every Wednesday. Even though markets did take place it was not until 1553 that King Edward VI confirmed those rights. (And you thought that government to day drags its feet!). The market is still held every Wednesday.

My friend, Ringwood's very own "Village Idiot" was kind enough to drag his drunken ass (or if I was to use correct English 'arse') around Ringwood for me and take some wonderful photographs of all my old Watering Holes. I suppose in a way it's lucky I asked him for photo's of the Pubs, as if I had asked for "old girlfriends" he'd still be taking them and I'd need a ton more space on my web server!!

The Village Idiot's real name is Dennis Whitfield and he owns the copyright to all photographs on this page. (Visit The Village Idiots page with his Radio Broadcasts - The Village Idiot Page)

All photographs are Copyright Dennis Whitfield - 2005.

The Ringwood Brewery - My favorite - "Old Thumper" - a mouth watering pint! and in the morning you'll know exactly why it's named that way!

This is the pub I worked in during my college days. This is also the pub that I fell down drunk in the most  (but don't tell my kids that) !! Many guests and staff have seen the ghost of a serving girl in the building during the morning. I can not remember every seeing her myself but I think we got drunk together one night. (Story on how the Original White Hart has it's name : The White Hart.)


Alice Lisle was beheaded by Bloody Judge Jefferies. Well, not personally beheaded but you know what I mean. She hide the Duke of Monmouth from those blasted Round Heads. Her headless Ghost has been sighted riding in a carriage. (One beer to many if you ask me!)


The Crown Hotel. This was my Dad's favorite watering hole. (Bless Him). 


A Tap House is were the "commoners go". To be called a Tap it had to be separated from the main building. At one time this is where the coachmen would have slept for the night.


Converted from a country house with stables. This has an original Ingle-nook fireplace. This is a fireplace were you can actually sit around the fire in the fire place! Also used for hang meats and fish for smoking.


Great little pub about 1/2 mile from were I used to live.


This is on the out skirts of Ringwood in Poulner. It's an old staging post for the coaches. This is were Dad used to go to play dominoes. I dated the owner's daughter once, I believe they are still trying to track me down!


Here we are in the centre of Ringwood.


Only drank here on a few occasions, from what I can not remember.


This pub is nestled right on the River Avon. They used to do the best Black Velvet in Ringwood and their "Mild" was to die for. Used to get a little crowded on a Friday / Saturday night.


Only a few in this one as well.


To be honest I don't ever remember going in this one. Though I'm sure I did.


This pub is North of Ringwood on the main road to Fordingbridge. We hardly ever went here as it was such a transitory place with few locals. It did have a good menu though.


After getting thrown out of the Original White Heart this would be my next stop!

The Furlong. Great little watering hole.

I hope you have enjoyed a look at a few of the wonderful public houses that Ringwood has; Pubs I've drunk in and worked in at some time in the long distant past!

I need another beer!




"Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, martini in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming "WOO HOO what a ride!"

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